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On September 24, 2020, the Oklahoma Blood Institute in Ardmore will host its first blood donation to support cancer research and education.

Ardmore is located on the east side of the Oklahoma River, north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is bounded by Interstate 35, which crosses the city on its way to the Texas border. It is also home to Anadarche Creek, which eventually flows into the western part of Lake Texoma. The geology is very diverse, with a number of folded ridges in the lake surrounding Ardmore, as well as a variety of different types of rock.

Teams are asked to find their own warm-up area and then walk to the area where they are warming up. The teams do not deviate from this area, but walking will help to better understand the geology of Ardmore and the natural beauty of this part of Oklahoma.

If the field does not have a temporary fence, the tournament organizers will show you the warm-up area. Teams can gather outside in the parking lot and wait for the game to finish. Please do not enter the facility until you have finished your match against the team you will be playing against. Meet the match teams and conduct the encounter in a safe and orderly manner, so that no random crowds gather.

Parents are urged to bring their own chairs to sit in the stands, which allows seating at a distance. The teams who are top of the table for each game will be automatically taken to the THIRD BASE dugout and warm up behind the makeshift fence on the left field. The teams listed below are automatically brought to the first base pit and warmed up under the permanent fence, while the teams below take over the TRADITIONAL fencing area directly above the right field fence.

Only coaches, pitchers and catchers are allowed into the defensive conference and practice social distancing. All the major coaches will stay behind the fence and outside the moat, and players will not be forced to stay outside the moat because they will feel more comfortable behind the fence.

The second coach can talk to the left wing-back if additional information needs to be passed on to other outfield players. The third coach can only speak to the right wing-back when he has put the team together. All of this can happen simultaneously, and the second and third coaches cannot speak to any of the players on the field at the same time.

Southern Tech offers additional courses for high school students and adult students who want to develop professional and technical skills. Oklahoma University offers dental hygiene on the Southern Tech campus, and adult students can enroll in the state-certified Practical Nursing program. The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have a four-year full-time nursing program. Highly qualified teachers can teach anywhere on campus and will work hard to meet the needs of the economy.

Ardmore is home to the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, as well as a number of other colleges and universities. Ardmore is also the name of the Robert E. Lee Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that focuses on agricultural bioresearch. Oil wealth has been channeled into many philanthropic efforts, and the region has been reinvested in education, health care, housing, and other public services for the poor and disadvantaged.

Most importantly for the photography community, the couple will continue to speak to local affiliates and give back, including professional photographers from Oklahoma. H & H's Knockout Sports Program was recently offered as a beta program for schools and sports leagues, and it is now over. While the extreme sports package is being introduced in established school leagues, we recommend the use of the H & H Design Team.

If you've never seen superstar Bixby teammate Brennan Presley and his teammates , do yourself a favor and go to finish the season of the Spartans in the 6AII championship game. After winning the title in Owasso, Blankenship became one of the best high school football players Coaches the state has ever seen. It may not be that someone from abroad stays so calm and just carries on.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Ardmore became the largest cotton port in the world and remains so today. Ardmore is the region's energy network, thanks to its natural wealth, which has produced many of Oklahoma's most famous sports stars, from football to basketball to baseball. The great-great-grandfather of current Oklahoma State University football coach Bill Blankenship was born in 1958 in Ardless, Oklahoma, the son of a cotton farmer and an oil trader. The customs in India were such that people began to plow ditches in the summer and to grow cotton in the winter.

Valero refinery in north-east Ardmore, which employs 250 people, as well as a number of other oil and gas companies in the region.

More About Ardmore

More About Ardmore