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With the holidays approaching, Carter County children will once again have the opportunity to shop at one of the largest shopping centers in the city of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Construction has begun on the $20 million Ardmore Commons, which is set to eventually become the city's largest shopping centre. The mall is a basic dumbbell shape that connects the mall on the south side of JCPenney with the north side of Hobby Lobby. Side shops include a variety of clothing and accessories shops as well as a number of food and beverage markets.

In addition, Burk & Collins, a retail development company based in Hurst, Texas, will begin construction of the new $20 million Ardmore Commons shopping center in about six months. The planned renovations include 50,000-foot retail space, including a new JCPenney store and a number of new food and beverage stores. Burk and Collins' company is developing a $1.5 billion, 1,500-acre development in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that includes the development of a 1 million-square-foot shopping center with more than 200 stores and restaurants.

The Southern Oklahoma office is located at 16 E. St. NW, and there is a link here to pick up your application. While the fun officially doesn't begin until later in December, the application process for the development of the Ardmore Commons shopping center in Oklahoma City is now available.

Photo # 2 is from the Ardmore Commons shopping center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on the edge of downtown.

I don't remember the adult's name, but he had a kid called James Fox who was an outstanding boxer and athlete. I think Robert's brother was John, who had Graham's business, and Robert had a more successful business in Ratliff. There was another across the road that Riggs owned for a while, the one in the centre of Ardmore Commons.

I remember Arnold's General Store on the west side, right next to Springer, was 77 and was run by Gladys and Cecil Arnold. It was in operation from 1953 to 1969 and operated as a general store, grocery store and gas station, all in Ardmore Commons.

The grocery store was located at the Northwest (SW) corner of the intersection between Springer Highway 77 and Highway 53. It is located on the west side of Springer Road, south of Interstate 75 and north of I-75.

The Lukas couple would later move their store to the southern end of the intersection at the corner of Springer Highway 77 and Highway 53. Boyd's Grocery was located on the east side of Interstate 75, south of I-75 and north of Highway 47. The store is located at a location on Springer Road, between Springer and Interstate 77, west of US Highway 75.

One was on the corner of 2nd and H streets NW, run by a man named Whitney, and Dub Taliaferro was behaving like a grocery store, a gas station and a pet food store. Brimer's Grocery, owned and operated by SamBrimer, was one of the first grocery stores on the east side of Interstate 75, south of I-75.

Walter Lamb ran Pitman's Grocery in the 1960s before the Pitmans closed. Walter G. Lamb and his wife Nannie started the grocery store on the corner of 2nd Street and H Street NW, south of I-75.

My sister Novena came in the 1940s and 1946, and Dad and Mum later worked as nurses after my father died of liver cancer on October 4, 1954. Earl retired in 1963 and Earl's son Samuel Jr. retired and closed the shop in 1968. Ram handcuffed shackles to the grocery store's front door on the corner of 2nd Street and H Street NW, south of I-75. My father Samuel Jr. retired from his job as a salesman at Pitman's grocery store in 1969.

After originally planning to open his own wholesale grocery store in California, he returned to Oklahoma with his uncle, who wanted to start his own grocery chain. They sold the Sun chain to Skaggs Safeway Stores and later to Sun Foods, Inc., the largest grocery chain in the United States.

Healdton Hopkins Grocery was sold to Jim Teel of Hall's Grocers, the second-largest grocery store in Oklahoma State and one of the largest in North America. There are two listed grocery stores, Boyd's Grocery on Lake Murray Drive and a location on Broadway.

In 1959, Janette Holt and Clifford and Callie Holt bought the business and property from the Fowlers, who had lived in the first house west of the shops. I remember living there for a few years and having a house that is still there and occupied by the way. He also fondly remembers being a butcher in the meat department of the bakery. Ray exhibited a hat in Satterwhite's store and over the years customers have given him hats.

The first shopping cart was designed by Goldman with the help of a mechanic named Fred Young, who based his design on a folding wooden chair. A mechanic, Arthur Kosted, developed a method of mass production - making the wagon by inventing a wire - formed, welded wire wagons with a wheel and a seat. The device was introduced to the owners of the grocery store on the corner of Main and Mainstraße in the early 1950s.

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